5 Best Video Game Channels on YouTube


Youtube was and will most probably be a major source of material for video games. The type of video game material on Youtube has evolved greatly from deep dives as well as video essays to just the daily Top 10s.

Game platforms on Youtube were at one stage reserved for giants in the major media. Now it is a place for people to make their own name. Buy youtube subscribers. Video games may ever be used for an insightful review, as the numerous platforms upon that list reflect.

Although several channels are of personal interest, they never deceive you with fascinating material and informative images. So here are some of the best YouTube video game channels that you must definitely check out.



For some time now, Raycevick has constantly released high-level gaming content. The games mostly on networks cover the largest AAA hits, the darkest and also most interesting indigenous names.

If the spectator agrees with Raycevick, each theory is supported by proof and facts. This is incredibly attractive for your films.

Raycevick’s videos also feature top-quality performances with excellent musical choices and well-balanced cuts that work together to give each video a consistent message.


Game Maker Toolkit

Games Maker Toolkit is maybe one of the easiest ways to find out how your favorite video games are designed and how the developers use them. Mark Brown, a video game journalist, produced and presented the series.

His experience in the making of games and direct coordination detect the development of computer games. He has no complicated vocabulary in his videos and instead uses basic terms and analogies to describe a mechanic or idea.

Brown is able to explore a whole variety of highly insightful and informative subjects, from level design to accessibility.


Writing on Games

Playing game accounts have come a very long way from trying to rescue princesses in dungeons. In the complexity of video game literature, comments, analyzes and failures of the video game narratives were bound to be just that.

Writing regarding Games explores the plot elements of a video game but also discusses gameplay mechanics that serve the story. Writing regarding games is indeed a perfect guide for people who want to find what they want about a game precisely.

The videos mostly on the channel are incredibly fun watching since no stone remains unturned and that every story beat is mostly covered.


Alanah Pearce

Alanah Pearce is among the most famous names in gaming, an old game journalist and then a blogger only at Santa Monica Studios. Alanah’s experience in the industry for decades has been well expressed in her videos, in which she frequently strips off selling a game or even a trailer and shows the main signs for her viewers.

She operates only at God of War Studio, Santa Monica Studios, and has become one of today’s most popular podcasts: Play, Watch, Listening. This podcast is supported by Troy Baker, an actress in video games, Austin Wintory, as well as Mike Bithell, the video game producer.

The channel of Alanah is very diverse as she mostly covers news, and moreover, makes videos about her personal and working life. Irrespective of content, her channel was always very attractive as well as the podcast can be easily passed on.



NakeyJakey, or “Yoga Jake,” as a video game channel, has also become very difficult to pin down. The contents of Jake have so far varied which only the fact that it is indeed a NakeyJakey video is able to summarize his channel.

There really is no topic which Jake won’t discuss on his channel, from chatting regarding online dating to ESports. NakeyJakey’s channel never struggled to impress by defying all the previous conceptions of coherence and sticking to one style of video.

A time when he talked about his intimate bond with Dark Souls when snuggling comfortably into a blanket are some of his best videos.

The NakeyJakey Channel is simply one of its best on Youtube with its distinct brand of humor, an open style of videos as well as a very interesting taste of art.


Final Words

These were some of the best YouTube Video Game channels that you should subscribe to and enjoy the content.


5 Reasons Cloud Gaming isn’t Doing it for Me-Yet


The best way to describe — and how people think — what cloud gaming we want to do is to start comparing it to the model Netflix. Live and stream games on remote servers in real-time. But although some major technology companies, such as Amazon, Nvidia, Google, Microsoft, and others, are doing their job, it’s surprising to me then that cloud play is not better than it is.

Yes, there are technical hurdles that make it far more complicated than binge-watching the Streaming TV series. Some of them are caused by continual, two-way communication between your controller as well as the server-side game. Some of them come to simple physics; there are many delay and lag problems.

But the application, interface, as well as game selection also include a terrible amount of unnecessary friction.


Switch between Different Devices 

It’s almost universal to work with Apple TV, Prime Video, Netflix, and more. On TV, on a computer, on an iPad, on an Android phone, and on a console. This is a big part of the pitch — these service providers are device-agnostic, and therefore you do not need to worry about the correct hardware or operating system.

The same applies to cloud gaming that eliminates the need for a particular set of high-end GPU and CPU components by enabling you to play the game by utilizing centralized hardware on a server farm. But while any Netflix or other streaming video content device – essentially something with a screen and an internet connection – can utilize any cloud gaming service, that is not always the case.

For such services, the Apple iPhones as well as iPads appear to be natural homes, and yet luck. The lack of native applications is to blame, and both Google Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now have to use browser-based workflows that do not offer as much consumer experience as a dedicated application. Microsoft’s xCloud, now formally called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming, does not support iOS or even Mac devices at all. Later in 2021, we anticipate a browser-based version (no native app, again).

Where we will be, any streaming game service on every device is always there, but we are not yet there.


Custom Game Controllers

If it makes cross-platform gaming much easier with some standardization, it is the widespread adoption of the Xbox gamepad for any sort of pc gaming. Since before the start in 2013 of the Xbox One. It has maintained mainly the same design and is working for your PC, Xbox, Mac, and then all cloud gaming services.

But it did not prevent firms from trying to sell custom controllers, which are usually unthinking or interchangeable as an old Xbox gamepad. The 70 USD controller is owned by Google, and the 50 USD Luna controller is owned by Amazon. Nvidia has a 60 USD controller, although this Shield set-top box has much more. Some of those controls promise reduced latency through Wi-Fi via Bluetooth while simultaneously giving cloud gaming a feel for proprietary hardware friction.



Buy Again

The biggest problem in the cloud is the connection between your chosen game service as well as the library. Both Stadia and Luna require you to buy games specifically designed for their platforms, so users only have a streaming variant that also works with one service.

I normally wouldn’t have any problems with this, but there is no way to sync or cross-play your emerging library between your local PC as well as the streaming service. When OnLive, a pioneer in cloud play, left the business in 2015, your buying of the game disappeared.

GeForce Now works at least with a section of your existing Epic, Ubisoft, and Steam game library, as most popular games have disappeared over time. It’s not perfect, but I really like the idea of buying games via long stores such as Steam and receiving cloud support as a bonus.


Not Includes Games that I want it to have

Many such new, exciting games, such as Hades as well as Fall Guys, are not available on cloud-based services, even if both are ideal for a short-sighted casual cloud session on a Macbook or tablet.

Others have limited accessibility: Baldur’s Gate 3 can only be streamed to Stadia. GeForce Presently offers a streaming edition of Star Wars – Old Republic Riders, but not the even-best KOTOR II as well as Elder Scrolls and Fallout; you might only purchase games to play through the cloud, which could suddenly go off from GeForce Now.


Slow Response

I can recall the current state of cloud gaming many days of VR—sometimes it works great, it sometimes doesn’t work, but there’s absolutely no way to tell what you’re going to get until you startup.

Like one who has been following and testing cloud gaming services for ten years, the performance of cloud gaming has certainly improved. And does I feel like it is 12 years more advanced than it was before I tried this service for the first time in 2009 or seven years in 2014?


Final Words

I don’t think anyone of the current players of [cloud gaming] would necessarily continue living seeing the gold pot at the bottom of this rainbow, and however in five or ten years’ time, it will be a substantial marketplace, it will have too many positive results, from a raw technical point of view.


GameStop Stock Frenzy Leads to Class Action Suit; Key Online Investor Keith Gill among those Sued for $5M-plus


Brockton, the native of Massachusetts Keith Gill, has been sued Wednesday by the federal Massachusetts district court for his supposed role in altering GameStop’s stock prices for a period of half a year, creating content, and sharing investment information.

The group-action suit, listed in Washington as the claimant by State investor Iovin, claimed that his objective was to correct Gill’s “egregious” behavior and “slightly restore the sincerity of its securities market.”

In order to orchestrate GameStop’s manipulation, during the year leading up to GameStop’s rise in shares, Gill has created an extremely and widespread flourishing social media drive,” the lawsuit says.

‘I’m thankful’:Investors give wild GameStop journey before Congress.

‘I’m not a cat’: the hearing of the chaotic GameStop provides for tense trades, humor as legislators grill the main players.

“The seedlings of a concept Gill increased to his presently thousands of lots of subscribers –namely, to significantly push up the cost of shares of GameStop – will also ultimately develop into a profitable surprise for himself, only at the cost of Plaintiff; as well as the group Members.”

Through using multiple identities online, Gill assumed the individual of an aspirant by promoting GameStop, the suit says, pointing to “Roaring Kitty” as well as his account on Twitter and YouTube, as well as on Reddit, which was called “Deep Value.”

The lawsuit says he decided to act “as Robin Hood” and identified professional securities companies as villains for amateur motivation. The plaintiff claims that he targeted hedge reserves that shortened GameStop as “wrong, robust boys” and defended revenge through a market rush.

In Brockton, Keith Gill is regarded as a high school graduate who had been a prominent athlete, mostly on the field. He continued at Easton Stonehill College, where he traveled outdoors and indoors.

GameStop’s shares have increased by 1,600 percent to the record 483 USD per share and have caused massive losses to short sellers as well as those who purchased the capital at increased costs.



An initial investment of Gill 53,000 USD only at the height of its stock was worth almost 48 million USD.

The suit cites Gill’s personal videos, posts on Reddit, as well as Twitter as proof of its hedge reserves and investment recruitment. In fact, the lawsuit stated that Gill wasn’t an amateur.

He has been an investment and finances professional for over ten years, and he has been authorized by MML Investor Organization as well as Life Insurance Corporation in Massachusetts while making his YouTube videos as well as posting on social media.

The House Financial Services Committee stated that its task was to create classes in financial training that consultants could offer to future customers. He said that he never advised or sold securities.

The defendant of the proceeding is MML Investor Services and MassMutual. It argues that they have regulatory and legal obligations as Gill’s employers to supervise his behavior of the use of social networks.

In a statement, lawyer Steve Berman, who belongs to the managing partner and lawyers of Hagens Berman Shapiro company, stated they concentrated their knowledge of Gill’s work with MML and Massachusetts Mutual.

“By failure to adhere from its own supervisory obligation, MassMutual and MML willingly took part in Gill’s manipulative exercise as well as violations… (and) were also liable for Gill’s unlawful as well as manipulative activity,” states the lawsuit.

The lawyer claims which Gill violated several laws through all his behavior, including the 1934 Securities Exchange Rule.

Claimant Iovin utilized 200000 USD in collateral for the sale of GameStop telephone calls on 26 January, when the share stock was less than 100 USD, the lawyer states.

Call choices are also financial arrangements that offer the holder the right over a certain period to purchase a bond, stock, or product at a particular price.

He carried out businesses based on market integrity and did not know what Keith Gill was arranging, states the lawsuit.

Other people from across the country, such as Iovin, can join the legal proceedings. When those who purchased shares of GameStop decided to buy an option, got a stock option, bought their shares to support a short state, or got options expiring between January 22 and February 2 of 2021. They wanted to lose money.

The precise figure of members of the class is unknown, but over the approximately two-week period, hundreds of millions of choices have been traded, the suit states.

“Investors on all areas of life have been significantly damaged either by price administration incited by Gill & his innocent supporters who strung with his every single word,” stated companies Berman representing Iovin, has significantly damaged investors from across all areas of life. “Social media and Commerce are not unnoticed to this extent.”