Supercell is also an incredible enterprise with mobile games which print money. In 2020, however, the financial analyst’s off-year period saw 463 million USD in pre-tax revenues and 1.48 billion USD in revenues compared to 577 million USD in pre-tax profit in 2019, which was 1.56 billion USD.

Nowadays, perhaps once a year, according to Finnish law, the company announced its results for 2020. However, the firm located in Helsinki has no financial resources because it produces the most money per worker than most enterprises can ever expect. Supercell generated approximately 4.3 million USD per employee with 340 workers. The firm has a rather socialist view of the world, and that’s truly fantastic.

“Naturally, we are very fortunate to be involved in games,” CEO IlkkaPanaanen said during a blog post. “Especially in comparison to so many others, the challenges facing us are small, and we wish that our games made available our players with a moment of joy as well as assisted someone to stay attached to friends mostly during a pandemic.”

He said the continuing task of Supercell would be to develop years-long and eternally-memorable games. Supercell’s only ten years old, Forever is indeed a long way off. In 2020, no new games were released.


Brawl Stars Reached 1 Billion USD Club

And it doesn’t have to, then again. Five games were installed, and Brawl Stars has become its 5th game with gross sales exceeding 1 billion USD.

Supercell was busy, Panaanen” says. The company moved to remote work when COVID-19 hit. The corporation now has upwards of 300 home offices, rather than four offices. Supercell has proceeded to use small separate game teams or cell types. Brainstorming has become more difficult. Panaanen said that the team has had to become confident on a different level, even with a certain loss of pandemic productivity.

Initiation of its Brawl Passes as well as Map Maker was provided by Brawl Stars. Over 150 million maps have been formed as of October by the players now, though, and played for over 50 million hours. By each month’s World Championship, 15 million players took part in the esports. The group has fresh content such as skin as well as social play improvements.

Panaanen” says Clash of the Clans had another wonderful year in which fans were happy with new features. But Clash Royale did not, since the Clan Wars Season 2 update is not the biggest the company had hoped. It wasn’t.

“The game is far more possible as well as the team is determined to improve players in 2021,” he said.

Lost & Crowned, the company’s short movie, has been seen on all platforms more than 100 million times.

In the meantime, Hay Day players contributed to the global assistance event Play For Trees to plant upwards of 100 million bushes and trees.

In its content creation program, the company has over 1500 people, and today, 23 million players are making purchases of 70 million Creator Boost. And it had seen thousands of Supercell Make applications, where artists could even submit content for their favorite games as well as vote for the community to see what goes on in the game. Artists from the community earned over 200000 USD.

Supercell’s custom is to slaughter more games than it starts, all for the sake of attempting to find games that last forever. In two years that the company closed down, it made the decision to kill Hay Day Pop, the first beta game.

“The overall objective of the Hay Day group was to make the puzzle genre things new,” said Panaanen. “They think they’ve done this in so many aspects, and we are very proud of what they have done. It may be one of the most successful games ever murdered. Unfortunately, however, the audience was not enough. Finally, the team felt like they were able to build better games as well as decided to kill it and share their knowledge with everyone.”

But Panaanen” says he hopefully launched more versions of beta games in 2021, possibly more often than the firm had in a very long time.

“Nobody of them can ever be killed by the teams because of our very high-quality bar, and yet Supercell is surely very excited,” he said. “Naturally, we cannot wait to watch everyone, as well as hope that we will soon be able to share further news.”



External Development in the Game

Supercell has invested in exterior studios in order to make talented games possible outside Supercell as well as make it possible to make a major impact on the game world.

In 2020 the companies invested in 2UP Games, which also brings the total number of investments in start-ups to 14 in Papukaya and New Zealand.

Among these, in September, Merge Mansion was worldwide launched. Frogmind has just begun accommodating early adopters to HypeHype, which makes it possible for anyone with a mobile phone to create uncoded games. And Beatstar, a music game which Panaanen says he has been very thrilled about, was started by Space Ape Games.

“We’re glad our company has so far been willing to keep stable given all the world’s events and feel that the results for a company with about 340 people are quite good,” he,” says. “For us, and the more crucial part about financial results like this, however, would be that they allow us to continue to invest in games, long-term thinking, and risk-taking.”

At some point this year, the business will start moving to Finland’s first individually built office, Wood City.

“I believe that while we remain focused on our goal of making games that have been played for years with a great deal of work and just a little chance, our finest days are ahead of us,” he,” says.


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