If you have the console of the later generation, the best Xbox One games are the absolute must-play.

Since the barriers between PC and Xbox gaming have been overcome over the last few years by Microsoft, which means that there’s a massive ecosystem of Xbox gaming to benefit now, particularly throughout the Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series S series. With backward compatibility from Xbox Series X, all of the best Xbox One titles will now still be used for next-gen. Apart from all the new Xbox Series X titles, you will play with the Xbox One backlog a lot of time, mostly on the horizon.

The games display the best stories, actions, graphics, multitasking and gunplay the Xbox One has to deliver. You will see the console always at best, and here you have plenty for a very long time to keep you occupied. No matter what your favorite genre, you will find anything to enjoy with as well as a few tips to help you find something different out of your comfort area.

So if it’s either from an Xbox One X deal or Xbox One S package you have purchased throughout the Xbox family, these games will definitely be impressive. Let us dig into our list of the top Xbox One games without having to do more, which we are going to update when new releases show it deserves a place on the list.


Final Fantasy 15

But we’re proud that Final Fantasy 15 is easily one of the top Xbox one games of the year and one of Microsoft Consoles. That’s the same name as Final Fantasy 15, although we’re happy. It combines western RPGs’ huge open-minded universes with Final Fantasy’s all-around madness, creating a world set in Middle America and flooding the globe with ferocious dragons, huge crystals and strong magic. This world is based on roads and highways. Often Final Fantasy 15 sounds like an idiosyncratic blend of concepts, but then it becomes even better than the number of things if you combine it – the alien universe, an exciting and effective struggle, the loving protagonists stay together throughout the entire trip. It was one of the best Final Fantasy games ever; an Xbox game worth waiting for.



Following a pause that could only lead to a hint of apathy, Cuphead is already here and immediately becomes one of the best Xbox One games ever – particularly if you really like shooters. Since the presentation was made brilliantly from the 1930s, it took on game playbacks from influences including Mega Man, Metal Slug, Contra, and Gunstar Heroes – stuff like Betty Boop Shoes and Disney’s Silly Symphony Symphonies. The stages are not enormous because it is the difficulty, not how big it is, to avoid bullets and to master enemy models. Each challenges your abilities and reactions in a variety of fascinating ways and, above all, is a joy to beat.


Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow Six’s first few minutes: the victory match feels more like a slashing video than just a gun-burning FPS. The ruffle of war feet booted by the roof echoes. Defenders erect defenses of the Home Alone. Would that be a rappel buckle’s whine? It is a sensation of suspense in most terrible games. And then all hell breaks loose, and then you’ll be plunged unexpectedly into a deep, strategic, brutally relentless battle. It was by far Xbox One’s smartest multiplayer game with tactical choices and a built-in appeal for ‘one more go.’


Final Words

So if you are an Xbox fan, then you must definitely try out these games and enjoy the thrill and madness of these epic Xbox games.


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