You really didn’t think twice about just the best Mac games on the market just a few years ago. But in just a few years, a lot will change. The Apple world has far more games which run on Mac PC nowadays, due in part to the added Apple Arcade, which adds a ton more to play. In fact, ever more developers are providing Mac users with their games.

Although the best Macs were strong enough, it is always a pleasure to play the best Mac games with the new M1 Chip upgrade. If you take one of these new computers, the Mac Mini laptop substitute, the versatile 13-inch Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, all with the M1 chip, you’ll have quite enough horsepower underneath the cap to handle games on macOS.

We compiled our top selection for the top Mac games here to help you discover the very next adventure. Please read the game you’re going to dive into next.


Divinity – Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 merits a spot on every Mac gamer’s machine, known to be among the greatest role-playing games in the world.

Whatever your style of play, your end goals, or indeed your more motives, Divinity is the right option for you to play. It was a complex and engaging game with such a rich setting, rich storytelling know-how, and hundreds of hours of content worthy of praise.


Stardew Valley

Unlike most of today’s best Mac titles, it wasn’t a big studio in Stardew Valley. Rather, it was a work of love for one person that made it much more exceptional. You play as a tired city resident who escapes from hectic urban life in order to start a rural farm.

You meet the people of your new town over the period, learn to cultivate crops and develop new friends. There are many stories and things to explore, which have all been rolled up in a magnificent universe of pixel art. It has plenty to offer, and it is refreshing.


Civilization VI

Sid Mier’s Civilization VI must also stand at the top of the list if you’re a fan of strategy games. The long-standing strategy series lets you create an empire that rivals crush or friendly as you characterize your advancement from a small village to a world-dominating force.

Should you adopt a technical method and technologically advance your rivals or sweep them out with military power? Due to the variety of options at your hands, mapping and opponents constantly shifting, no match will ever be the same.


Life is Strange

Life is Strange has produced a prequel, a spin-off, as well as a sequel since its release in 2015, but still, nothing beats the original for playing fun.

Max, a youth who finds that she can change time and the future. You pursue the character of Max. As the plot continues, you have to decide if this force should be used with perhaps unexpected implications.

It is a great emotional experience, which should not be overlooked, by premium gameplay elements and smart narration.


Portal 2

Valve’s Portal 2 has been almost iconic – and rightly so. And so far as puzzle games are concerned.

Portal 2 brings his predecessor’s brain-bending mechanics into a longer, more difficult novel. You can laugh loudly and scream in rage with twists, but there is no sense in finishing an extremely difficult stage. If your stuff is puzzle games, Portal 2 has to be on your library of Mac games.


Final Words

So these were some of the best Mac PC games that you should definitely try out on your Apple PC and enjoy the thrill.


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